Do You Have A New Teenage Driver In Your Home? 3 Things To Look For In A Vehicle Accident Towing Company

Posted on: 31 October 2022

Teaching your teen to drive is a rite of passage that often comes with mixed emotions. On one hand, you might enjoy watching them gain more confidence in their driving abilities. Yet, you may also fear that an accident is more likely to happen since your child is still gaining experience with handling changing conditions on the road. Having the information for a vehicle accident towing company on hand is a great way to be proactive, and you can find the right company to call in an emergency by exploring these important factors.

Ask If They Provide Around-the-Clock Services

Even if your teen has a curfew, it is quite possible that they could get in an accident outside of normal business hours. Your teen may have a part-time job that requires evening hours to accommodate their school schedule. Or, they might be driving home from a school sports event or dance. No matter where they are coming from, having an accident at night can pose some challenges for clearing your car from the road. Checking for a company that provides 24/7 towing services means that you won't have to wait until the morning to get your car where it needs to be for repairs.

Inquire About Their Towing Methods

There are several different ways to tow a car, and each one has specific benefits and drawbacks depending on the situation. For instance, flatbed towing is preferable for preventing further damage to your car, and it might be the only option if your vehicle no longer has functional tires. Towing services also tend to include dolly and flat tow bar options. These are often more affordable, and you'll feel more prepared when you know that the company you choose has the method you prefer.

Find Out If They'll Tow to Your Preferred Location

If you're already planning ahead, then you may also have a preferred auto body repair shop that you'd like to use in the event of an accident. Checking to see if the towing company is prepared to take your car to where you want it to go can help you save time and money compared to having it brought to your house and then towed to another location later. With direct towing to a repair shop, you can also start getting your car diagnosed and repaired faster than you would with extra steps involved since the technicians can take a look at it as soon as possible.

To learn more about vehicle accident towing, reach out to a towing company near you.