This Is Why You Need a Contract with a Heavy Duty Towing Company

Posted on: 30 November 2021

When one of the trucks in your fleet needs a tow, you have a couple of options. One is to call any available towing service that can tow semi-trailers because you don't have any specific agreements with a particular company. The other is to call a specific towing service that you have a contract with. That second option is best; if you have a fleet of trucks, having a contract set up with a towing service makes the towing — and the entire process of dealing with the broken-down semi — a lot less stressful.

Reduce Waiting Time

First, when you have a contract, you can reduce the waiting time for a tow truck. This won't be the case for every time you need a tow, but with a company that knows it has contracted to tow away your vehicles, you won't just be another customer that's in line for a tow. The only real delays you'd face would be down to weather and distance, and maybe the occasional day when seemingly every semi needs a tow and the trucks are busy. But even on those days, you'll have a better chance of seeing a tow truck within a short amount of time.

Clear Roadways of High-Wind Hazard Quickly

Semi-trailers and even bobcats are hazards in high winds. The high profile of the trailer and main cab can be knocked over by strong winds, putting anyone and anything near them at risk of injury or damage. The faster you can get your semi off the road and into a repair shop, the better, which means a contract between a specific towing service and your company can keep everyone on the road a lot safer.

Start Repairs and Get Back on the Road Sooner

No one needs to have cargo delayed, especially not when port unloading and cargo delivery, in general, are clogged up and delayed themselves. If your semi is stuck on the side of a road, that cargo isn't going anywhere. Getting the semi repaired and back on the road, or getting the semi into a repair shop and transferring the load to another truck is better.

Potentially Better Rates

Contracts between a towing service and your company could result in better rates when you do have trucks towed. You may have to negotiate a rate, or the towing service could have a list of contracts that vary by price and service, and you would choose the contract that best suited your company and fleet.

Don't assume that, if one of your semis breaks down, you'll be able to call a random tow truck company and have the semi towed quickly. Arrange for a contract with a specific company that has the equipment your trucks need. It's safer for you and everyone who has to go near the truck — and it's a lot more helpful for your company's budget.

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