Avoid DIY Towing Mistakes By Engaging A Professional 24-Hour Towing Service

Posted on: 27 September 2021

Many people think that towing is as simple as hooking your car to a trailer and getting another vehicle to move the trailer from one point to another. However, moving an object as heavy as a car from one point to another is a complex task that needs a lot of care and expertise. Safety should be your priority when seeking towing services. Secondly, you should worry about your vehicle getting to its destination in one piece. You can avoid harming people and causing irreparable damage to your car by choosing to stay away from these common mistakes.

Using the Wrong Towing Equipment

The most common cause of trouble to towing operations is when your equipment is not powerful enough to carry out the job. Fortunately, the vehicle owner's manual tells you the maximum towing capacity. It also has the specifications of the equipment that you need for the towing process. You should avoid exceeding that limit because it can lead to very unpleasant roadside incidences. Towing more than the recommended weight is a leading cause of accidents. If you can't determine what equipment you need for the process, call in professional 24-hour towing services to handle it for you. 

Flouting Local Transportation Law

Every state and municipality has rules and regulations they expect everyone to follow when towing vehicles. Failure to follow these local laws can lead to issues with traffic police and other enforcement officers. For example, some states demand that you have safety chains connecting the trailer with the tow truck. Others will want to see tail lights on your trailer when the vehicle is in transit. Failure to follow these regulations will complicate your process.

Driving Without Clearly Seeing the Road

Visibility is crucial when towing a heavy load. Often, low visibility is accompanied by slippery roads because it is either raining or foggy. You should avoid towing your vehicle in bad weather. If you must haul the vehicle, maintain low speed to control the braking, changing lanes, and making turns. Most importantly, leave the job to professional towing services because they know how to do it best.

Poor Tire Inflation

You should check your tires and ensure they have excellent inflation before towing. Note that your car will be bearing more weight than recommended and needs more stability on the road. 

You can have an easy time handling the towing process when you have the right skills and equipment. Contact a local 24-hour towing service to get professional help.