4 Tips to Safely Jump Start Your Vehicle

Posted on: 19 May 2021

If you are a car owner, you may be forced to jump-start your vehicle battery at one point. Many people will tend to pull out their jumper cables and connect to the vehicle providing jump without thinking about the dangers of jump-starting a car. That is why you need to ensure you fully understand the risks of a vehicle jump start to keep yourself safe during the process of jump-starting. The following tips will help you have a safe jump-start.

Check the State of Your Battery

It is crucial to ensure you check your battery's state before you think of jump-starting your vehicle. It will help you keep safe and also save you from wasting time. For instance, if you live in cold climate, check to see if the car battery is frozen; you can do this by looking at the vent caps of your car battery. If the liquid is frozen, do not attempt to jump-start your vehicle, as this may lead to the battery exploding. Additionally, if there are cracks on your battery casing, avoid jump-starting your vehicle as these cracks indicate that your car battery is ruined.

Wear Protective Gear

Before you jump-start a vehicle, always make sure you put on gloves and goggles. While it is necessary to do so, it is also essential as it will protect you. Batteries have very corrosive materials and liquid that can significantly damage your eyes or skin when in contact with them. If the battery explodes, the goggles will protect your eyes, while the gloves will protect your hands from corrosive materials.

Follow the Jump Start Process Carefully

Always make sure you follow the proper order of vehicle jump start to the letter. Start by connecting the red clamp (positive) on your vehicle, then click the other red clamp on the car that's providing the jump. Secondly, connect the black clamp (negative) to the black post on your car battery, and then click the black clamp on the vehicle providing the jump start. To avoid any electrical sparks, ensure that the ends of the metal clamps do not touch each other.

Take the Cables Out in Reverse Order

When you are done with the vehicle jump start, work backward in removing the cables. Start by removing the negative terminals then followed by the positive terminals. 

Final thought

If you know what to avoid and what to do, then you can be in an excellent position to jump-start your vehicle safely and efficiently. However, if you cannot jump-start your car on your own, contact a professional who provides vehicle jump starts.