Tips For Hiring Towing Services And The Right Tow Truck Company

Posted on: 25 June 2020

Towing is a healthy industry in the United States, as it has experienced about 5 percent in growth over recent years to account for more than $7 billion in market size. A big reason for this growth is that towing services are so versatile and useful. You will want to do research into different kinds of auto towing services so that you can then find the right company for the job and make sure your vehicle is handled properly. Here are some key points you need to know. 

Research the different kinds of auto towing services

Tow truck drivers do all kinds of work for different clients. A business might need to hire a tow truck company on contract to patrol their private parking lot, while an individual driver might seek tow truck service as part of their roadside assistance program. Assess what sort of towing service you need since it'll help you work backward to find a qualified company. 

Set up a price and arrangement with a tow truck company after vetting them

Create a budget for any towing work you're going to spring for. On average, people pay $125 or less for their towing service. Projects involving great distances will fetch larger prices and will definitely require more specificity in creating an agreement. 

Before you get an agreement on paper, you'll need to vet the tow truck company to be certain that they are reliable. Organizations like the Towing & Recovery Association of America are a great start and will point you toward some competent and credible drivers. Search these references and resources as you put together a shortlist of tow truck companies. 

Verify that the driver is the correct person 

After you schedule the service and get the name and information of your driver, double-check it as soon as they get there. Research the United States Department of Transportation mandates, and make sure that your driver has the correct type of vehicle and also presents a license at the time of service. 

They should explain to you how they're going to mount your vehicle to their truck and should take special care to secure your car based on its axle alignment and gross vehicle weight rating.  

Use these points so that you can hire and use the best tow truck company. Contact a tow truck company in your area to learn more about what they can do for you.