Is Your Fifth Wheel Stuck? Get It Ready While Waiting For The Tow Truck

Posted on: 26 October 2018

Fifth wheel trailers offer campers a convenient home on wheels that can be towed using a large pickup when needed. But if a wheel goes bad or the trailer develops other issues that make it impossible to tow normally, you need to call in a heavy-duty towing company to move trailer to a mechanic. Because the trailer may end up tilted or jostled as the towing company moves it -- more so than a normal trip down the road might cause -- you need to ensure the items inside don't end up all over the place. As you wait for the tow truck to show up, use that time to prepare the interior of the fifth wheel so that it stays as neat as possible.

Put Away Loose Items

Any loose items -- books, TV remotes, shoes that you're not wearing -- need to go into cabinets and drawers. Don't leave anything loose in the trailer except for maybe chair cushions. You may even want to bag up your bed pillows and place them in the closet. Not only will all this prevent items from flying around as the tow truck lifts up the trailer, it will prevent the items from making sounds as they move that could add to your stress level.

Cover Appliance Tops and Doors

If your stove and refrigerator have burner covers and exterior cabinet doors, close those. The stove cover will protect the burners in case something falls on them, and the refrigerator cabinet doors help stop the refrigerator doors from popping open. RV and trailer appliances are built to withstand the normal movements that occur when the trailer is being pulled normally. But if a tow truck is hauling the trailer, the trip could get rough enough to make things inside move around a lot more.

Try to Retract Slideouts

If possible, retract any slideouts you had extended. For example, let's say you were in an RV park and came back to find someone had crashed into the corner of your trailer, bending a wheel so that you can't move the trailer yourself. If it's safe, retract the slideouts so that the tow truck operator has an easier time towing the trailer and doesn't have to deal with an unexpectedly wide load.

Grab Essentials

You don't know how long it will be before you'll have your trailer back, so grab some essentials that will tide you over in a hotel for a day or two, if the damage occurred while you were on a trip.

Your fifth wheel is no doubt tough, but even that machine will have days when it needs help. A heavy duty towing company will get it to a mechanic for help. Visit a site like for more help.