Hiring A Car Transportation Service To Get Your Car Where It Needs To Be

Posted on: 22 January 2018

When you need a car moved from one place to another but don't want to or can't drive it, a towing company is most likely going to be the first call you make. If you need to move that car across several states or across the country, a traditional towing company is going to be too expensive but there is still an option for you.

Traditional Towing Services

Transporting a car from one place to another is not always easy and if you can not drive it, you most likely are going to have to use a towing service that can pick up the car, put it on a truck, and move it for you. Tow services are common for cars that are broken down, have been involved in an accident or have been damaged in some way. Most of the service charge you based on the mileage they move the car so if you have to go a long distance, the fee can add up very quickly. While they may transport a classic car or one you just bought if you ask them to, they are not really equipped to provide the level of care or security that you might want in this situation.

Roadside Assistance

If you find yourself broken down on the road and have a roadside assistance membership, you can often get your car towed a short distance free of charge but there can be limits to the distance based on the membership tier you have purchased. But even if you have the highest tier available, it is not likely to cover a multi-state or cross country tow. They also do not offer transportation of a car that is not damaged or broken down most of the time. For a car out of gas or with a flat tire along the road, these services are great but they do have their limitations.

Long Distance Tow Services

If you need to move a car over a long distance, the options available are less plentiful but one that you might want to consider is an automobile transportation service. They can move your car just about anywhere you need it and they will often charge you a set rate based on the time frame you need the car to arrive and the distance it needs to go. Along with transporting the vehicle for you, these services offer insurance to cover the car if something happens along the way and many offer transportation inside a closed van or trailer to offer protection from the elements or theft along the way.

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